10 Steps to Market Your Business on Instagram

instagram marketing

Are you trying to step up your social media game? If so, be sure to add Instagram marketing to your social media strategy. It seems that virtually everyone has an Instagram account these days, and users are engaging more and more with targeted ads. If you’re interested in jumping into the Instagram marketing game, read […]

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The Surprising Truth about Keywords

content marketing

Keywords are one of the most often-cited and perhaps least understood aspects of SEO. Content marketers from rank amateurs to seasoned pros suggest that you “focus on your keyword density” and “never publish a post without including your keyword in these 9 places.” But is that really the best way to get your content to rank […]

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9 Must-Haves For a Website That Works

small business

When was the last time you took a critical look at your website? For most businesses we come across, it’s been years. It’s time to dive in! Having a website just isn’t enough these days. Your website’s visitors expect a lot out of it, so that means that you’ve got to deliver or risk losing them […]

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5 Tips To Use Facebook Stories to Market Your Business

facebook monthly marketing

Considering whether to tap into Facebook Stories to market your business? The time is now! Even though the “Stories” feature was created by Snapchat several years back, Facebook seems to have made it their own, and with 2.7 billion monthly users (active users, I might add), the audience is too big to ignore. Source: https://www.oberlo.com/blog/facebook-statistics What […]

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